Big News! I am launching a national event initiative called Elevate – a series of powerful personal and professional development/health and wellness events for women in their 20’s and 30’s. Elevate will give participants a truly integrative vehicle to access their vision, embrace their vitality, stand in their aligned and vibrant power, and the impetus to give back. The kick-off event will be in Ann Arbor, Michigan on April 7, 2014. Stay tuned…

Alexis is a self-help writer, speaker, and entrepreneur.

As a contributor to publications including The Huffington Post, Forbes.com, and Cosmo magazine, a national speaker, and a guest on local and national radio, including NPR, Alexis offers her audience smart entertainment and inspirational wisdom.

After ditching a short-lived (and very unsatisfying) career as an attorney in the corporate law world, Alexis had a meltdown. And then she read every self-help book she could get her hands on. She listened in on teleseminars and webinars, workshops…you name it. She figured out how to get clear, be happier, and live her right life. Now she’s poised to share the best of the best self-help so you can live your best life, too.

Her philosophy is simple: Believe in yourself. Love yourself. And act on it.

Not happy at your job? Quit it. Don’t love where you live? Move. Don’t think this guy is the one? Be brave enough to say so.

It’s all simple, but it’s not easy. That’s why Alexis brings you the best experts and tools to take one step at a time to live your right life. You don’t have to fit in the box or color in the lines. (But Alexis won’t judge you if you want to).

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