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Get Rid Of Your Excuses!

by Alexis on August 25, 2012

Below are the top 6 excuses I hear when I talk to people about pursuing their
dream. Identify which you’ve used—and consider how to get rid of the excuses
and take action.

Excuse #1: I’m not ___ enough. Not young enough, smart enough, or good
enough? These are just limiting beliefs, they’re not truths. Catch yourself when
these doubts pop up, and find something positive and encouraging to say about
yourself instead.

Excuse #2: I don’t have the money. Consider how much money you actually
need and find creative ways to get it. Chances are you haven’t even put pen
to paper to figure out how much money is required to live this dream. Don’t
compromise your dream before you even explore it. If there’s a will, there’s a

Excuse #3: I don’t have time. You have the power to make time for the stuff that
matters to you. You get to choose whether or not you prioritize your dreams.
Are you engaged in any time-wasting activities? What can you accomplish more
efficiently? What can you outsource to someone else? Create and carve out the
time—you have it.

Excuse #4: I’ve already started down one path, I can’t change direction. Every
day you make decisions about how you live your life. Give yourself permission to
change direction—no matter how much time, energy, or money you’ve already
invested in another endeavor, relationship, or job. Life is all about twists and
turns—be open to a new direction.

Excuse #5: I’m too scared. It’s natural to be scared of the activities that most
excite you. Use fear to propel you forward—follow your fear, don’t resist it.
Learn to feel your fear and face it anyway. Push yourself so you can be proud of

Excuse #6: I’m not ready yet. If you’re waiting to be perfectly ready to pursue
your dream, you’ll never go for it. We all start one (shaky) step at a time; don’t
wait for perfection to move forward, just do it.

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